Group Timetable



Strength and conditioning sessions. These sessions will predominately focus on compound lifts, low reps and heavy weights, partnered with complementing accessories.


Cardio workouts. Aim to push your heart rate out of its comfort zone. Combinations of boxing, and assisted interval training designed to test your limits.


Circuit workouts. A combination of resistance and endurance training; sessions will utilise free weights and body weight aimed at optimising fitness, mobility, core and agility. Watch this space for our new 'SKILLS' component, combinations of unilateral and bilateral movements using various weights and pace for skill development.


Training is the doorway to building confidence, physical and mental strength, better relationships and a back bone to improved health.

Fact; endorphins are the most underutilised drug that can help people cope better with low self-esteem, sleep imbalances, mood imbalances, stress, anxiety and depression. Getting active could be the missing link in improving your health in multiple ways. Strength is freedom, so by moving your body functionally from as little as 30 minutes a day you will be improving/building muscle mass, increasing your metabolism, reducing your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, lowering blood pressure, improving bone and joint health, and improving cardiovascular health in several ways.

Regardless of your fitness level, age and lifestyle we can find a way to get you active. Whether you are just starting out, starting again or want to have a current routine revisited; I can help you find the best way to reach your physical goals that suit your lifestyle!

Our strength-based group training sessions involve compound lifts, dynamic HIIT, resistance and endurance rolled into one action packed week.

We encourage and guide you in finding a balance that you can sustain today and tomorrow. No age or ability is a barrier. It’s about progress, your progress - gradual improvement over time in a comfortable, supportive environment!