At Health Vibrations we want to cater for every body who’s on a mission to be living in there fittest and healthiest self. The Team have a huge variety of services just waiting for you.


Classes include LIFT, HIIT, Sweat AND NEWLY ADDED AMRAP! Which cover all your strength, conditioning, boxing and mixed cardio needs.


Sophie will cover all your lifestyle nutrition needs if you’re looking to fuel your body better, improve body composition, and finally have that healthy relationship with food. Her approach is build on sustainable living and balance.


Sophie’s PT diary is almost full - If you’re serious about making changes then get in touch to set up your FREE consult. See below and enquire now.



Join our 6 Week training BLOCKS! NOW BACK TO BACK! 


You will find our classes at the TCA gym off the Domain in Hobart CDB and St Marks Hall Bellerive.

We know how time pressured you are so we get you in and out so you can get on with your day! Week day sessions run for 40 minutes which includes your warm up. Saturdays include either a deep stretch or foam roller finisher.


Casual/sporadic session:  $20
or 5x class pass $75

Unlimited Team Training: $45 p/w*

No sign up fees!

Bookings essential.

New client forms must be completed prior to first session – please contact me for more information!

6 week blocks must be purchased for the full period to warrant the price unless otherwise discussed. Upfront, weekly and fortnightly direct deposits in advance are available. Promo offers may vary.




Nutrition + Health Coaching

With an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition and Diet, specialising in performance nutrition and body composition; I have dedicated over 3 years to helping clients reach their health, performance and physique goals. Sophie TEAMHV

With the ongoing pressures of society today; Sophie’s focus is help you feel GOOD about yourself as a whole.

  • Designed to fully compliment all existing training programs/lifestyles

  • Introduction on eating to fuel your LIFE.

  • Extensive goal setting

  • Calculation of your individual daily energy requirements and macronutrient recommendations

  • Meal planning education and fuel guide to maximise results

  • Weekly (but not limited to) progress reporting and check in system with unlimited contact/support

Want to know more? ENQUIRE today about my coaching packages. 

Sports Nutrition

Specialising in sports nutrition, whether you're part of a team, an athlete or just a fitness enthusiast; learning how to properly fuel your body optimally could see your performance accelerate rapidly and is often overlooked. Contact me for more information on nutrition specifics, hydration management, supplements or book an information session for your sporting club, fitness club, or workplace.



Now training clients at
GTT Performance Centre, Hobart.

Take control of your results by taking the guess work out of your training. Hiring a Coach will be the best investment you ever make.

Nothing drives me more than seeing clients reach their full potential and helping them get reach their goals. Mapping out a plan, working hard each week and getting RESULTS is something that never gets old. If you’re sick of going through the motions of just ‘exercising’ for an hour a few times a week and wondering why you’re not getting results then I want to hear from YOU! Stop falling for shortcuts and fad diet advice and sit down with me today to discuss exactly want you want to achieve. Whether is dropping body fat, getting stronger, fitter or just feeling the best you have in quite some time then I want to help you.Sophie TEAMHV

Contact Sophie today to book a FREE consult and start making the changes you keep putting off today. Make 2019 YOUR YEAR!

Training Programs

With over 10 years of experience in the industry and as a Personal Training, Sophie offers clients beginner, intermediate or advanced programs specialising in  functional, resistance, strength/conditioning and endurance training. 

Enquire today to discuss aligning a program with your goals and one that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Interested in Female Strength or Powerlifting Specific Programming? Enquire now.