Meet the Health Vibrations Fit Fam – a team full of experience, passion and devotion to your sustainable health, fitness and wellbeing. 




After breaking away from commercial gym culture, Sophie found a love and need for ‘personal’ development within the fitness frontline. Her practice is designed to target anyone who is willing to put in effort and learn how to make a change; and a change that lasts. Her methods and system paired with an inspiring team and clientele will welcome you into a place you can bloom.

“Achievement is a choice; and you don't stumble over success by chance. Find support, an environment to thrive in, like-minded people to share it with and don’t look back. I can safely say that I have gone through many hurdles of my own; but I have come out the other side to prove consistent effort will reward you!"

With almost 10 years in the industry; helping people just like you is Sophie’s biggest passion and achievement to date. The low client turnover is a tribute to her motto and services which means HV is growing every day!

“My clients are people that wake up every morning and say - I’m worth it. I’m not teaching a quick fix! If you work hard you will succeed.”

This honest, raw and passionate soul will show you what success feels like.  Whether you’re in your 20’s or your 50’s and beyond – Sophie is about achieving GREAT things every single day.




Our newest HV Trainer on the street is Isobelle. She started off just like many of you; as a HV member attending classes religiously. She quickly became confident with her own training and supporting and motivating others; that the transition to her trainer role was seamless! Isobelle run’s a tight ship with plenty of encouragement, personalisation and sass!

 “I am passionate about challenging the relationship people have with training and making it a really positive, rewarding and fun experience. Being healthy and moving your body is different for everyone and I am a true believer in one size/goal does not fit all, therefore a personalisation is key”.

Issy still loves participating in classes herself alongside her new found love in powerlifting. Special interests include HITT, a natural to strength training and boxing, Isobelle enjoys getting up and really making the most of your morning. She isn’t afraid to challenge clients and push them to places their confidence may not have taken them.

Watch out for this girl and get to one of her classes ASAP!




After prioritising her own health, Jean turned her life around and is now ready to help you.

 “I’m passionate about helping everyday people create happier, healthier lives. I like to think that every day is an opportunity to strive, learn or do something better! We never fail; we continue to learn how to keep going.”

Jean is always finding ways to motivate the team around the gym. Find her pumping out classes at HV with devotion; special interests include HIIT, mobility and body strength foundations. Don’t be fooled by her buoyant persona – her workouts bite!




Janita was born running! Her foundations derive from a huge sporting background from her youth to now. Her passion is simple – fitness is a lifestyle.

“I create sessions that every individual can take something from. I always encourage clients to strive for improvement and enjoy the ride and rush of an active lifestyle because after all; exercise was never meant to be a chore!”

Although her sessions rarely show mercy, the crowds always flood in for her classes! Special interests include boxing, HIIT, agility and functional training styles; Janita will make her sessions work for you - no matter your fitness level.