Today marks 6 weeks since I launched my business! So rather than a blog; I wanted to simply write a little reflective piece on the Health Vibrations movement.

6 weeks has gone by like a flash! But it has been a lot of hard yards behind the scenes – and guess what, it’s been worth every second. Today I have already assisted 21 phenomenal clients and this honestly blows my mind.

In a fast paced world, change is inevitable; but it’s somewhat comforting when some things don’t change at all. These things I refer to include respect, appreciation, active listening, understanding, manners, and support.

Like many of us, I’m picking up tools every day to make my business environment as good as it can be, and it surprised me when I realised what foundations bring a solid culture to any business, brand, workplace, family, friendship group or social setting. It’s those priceless things that just keep on giving that I find so much more valuable than any dollar sign.

It is these factors that I give my clients unconditionally and I strive to uphold such traits because I truly believe it is often missing in so many scenarios in life. Believe it or not, it is culture that keeps us motivated, inspired, happy and feeling supported. Without these things we can start to second guess why we spend so much time in any unfavourable setting, and accepting things as they are.

I tend to think we often forget we have choices. A good situation could just be a decision away.

I’m on a mission to deliver a message of encouragement! Believe you can make a change and be the change. In 6 short weeks I have been a small turning point in 21 lives already! My aim is to continue that into great lasting relationships and a support network. Here is a massive shout out to all clients, no matter the capacity. Thank you for choosing me – supporting my small business; and here is to many more flourishing relationships and success stories for the future.

Have you thought about making a lifestyle change? Don’t know where to start? I’m only an email or phone call away from a discussion that could set you on a path to the change you want to make, whatever it may be… Check out my programs and contact me today!

 Here is just a little taste of some of the fun we get up to!! Happy Friday!