Make 2017 meaningful.

2016 for me – was a year of learning, facing fears, grinding though uncomfortable situations, losing, winning and just actually finding out more about myself. Who I am and what I stand for - what I’m doing in this world. It got me thinking about how many of us are doing this, trying to find our purpose, but then it hit me; that we’re living it. Life is a journey and it’s not about having everything figured out! Nor is it smooth sailing, it’s an adventure; it’s perspective – we choose our destiny.

Perspective suggests we are quite possibly the luckiest species to roam the earth. As a human being we have the ability to feel, communicate, trust, love, celebrate and thrive very well.

We also have the ability to hurt, hate, envy, destroy, sabotage and self-destruct. To rid these emotions completely would be near impossible but perhaps is more about a switch of focus?

I tend to think we don’t always embrace feelings, love, opportunity and meaningful connections as much as we could.

This leads me to choice - the opportunity to choose. Could we be the very author of our tale? Absolutely!

Happiness isn’t a destination, it’s something you experience. You need a connection; and true happiness has to be earnt. You have to invest in becoming happy and that takes time.




You have to invest and continue to invest in these things to build satisfaction. Someone once told me you’ve got to water your grass, and boy isn’t that true! Think about aspects of your life that you didn’t make enough time for – how do they look these days?

What’s also important to note it is not INSTANT, nothing worth having or keeping is. But if you want it, work for it. That job promotion - work for it. Your relationships – invest in them. Love – be worthy of love. You have to give to receive and you have to keep giving to keep receiving.

Happiness is also accepting what is happening and being ok about it. Not everything will work out. Not everyone believes in the same things, everyone won’t always like you but try to separate this from what really matters. Those who love you will support the highs and the lows; as should you to your loved ones.

Don’t always believe what you see. Things are not always as they appear. Find a connection with what you love, who you love and nurture it. Don’t be satisfied, keeping growing, earning, loving and blooming.

Search deeper. Love harder. Celebrate what you HAVE NOW and chase what you want. Think about what you want and how you are going to get there – but enjoy the process. This is life! Embrace it.